Welcome to the Archer III Digital PreFlight Updates Page

04/06/02      Revision 1.05.050 12MB   This will update the Normal Procedures CheckList to rev. 1.05.050 dated 01/25/02.

04/06/02      Revision.doc Only 233KB   Included in the Revision listed above, this small
download will update the Revisions.doc text only. Use this file only if you have connection
problems trying to download the larger full update. The html equivallent can be viewed

09/11/01      Included in Revision 1.05.050

08/31/01      CD Runtime Files 1.2MB   This patch will correct some issues with the "Run From CD" option on the Installer Menu. If certain needed files are not present on the users system, the "Print" feature may display an error message. This will not occur once the program has been fully installed. If you wish to run the Archer III Digital PreFlight without installing and receive an error, please download and run this patch.

07/18/01     Included in Revision 1.05.040

07/12/01     AutoUpdate     Several program improvements have been made since the first BETA versions were released and we are now including an AutoUpdate feature for full application revisions. You may update your existing installation to include the AutoUpdate by downloading and executing this file. The program will install an update client and place an icon into your Archer III Digital PreFlight programs folder from which you can check for updates online at any time. The update client will automatically compare your current version against the latest revision and prompt you to download and install, if one is currently available.

Note: This update only installs the client itself and does not revise the rest of the program. If you are using a BETA, or early RC version, please use the AutoUpdate you have just installed to UPGRADE your full installation to the Release version 1.05.050 which is currently available.

If you are using a version that already includes the AutoUpdate feature, and are having difficulties downloading the file, please click Here or the icon above to manually download and install the update.
You will need to save the file (update105050.exe) to your local hard drive, then double click the executable when finished. The file is approximately 12MB in size.

If you need any assistance with the update procedure, or have any other questions, please e-mail to support@panokatographics.com or contact me at 801-295-9731.

We look forward to your comments.